Dauntless - slotting cells

The Cell System allows players to further upgrade their armor and weapon in Dauntless. There is a number of cells that can be socketed using powerful pieces of archonite. Some are exclusive to a specific weapon or armor type. Augmenting weapons, armor, and lanterns will allow Slayers to become more like the Behemoths in way of playstyle. Since each item is augmented separately, players can create specific sets to use for specific hunts.

Some cells offer straight-up enhancements while others may include additional health, movement speed, elemental resistance, faster stamina resistance and more. (System still under development)


Curious. Cells enhancements resulting in elemental power - blaze, frost, shock — even umbral and radiant. Augmented. More power. More speed. Resilience. Additional cells cumulative. No disruption. Fluctuations don’t seem to be interfering along any wavelengths None of the wavelengths I can measure. Stable — no decay. Tests not exhaustive, but no signs of upper limit yet.

Cells bond to armour and weapons readily. Complementary waves in stable patterns. Bonding to weapons, armour makes cells “activate”. Singing with power — harmony. Cells interact with biology when integrated with forged items. Indistinguishable from other archonite-forged items.

More testing required. Not sure if stable, but won’t stop the Slayers.

— From the notebook of Arkan Drew


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